The CNHS Bridge

by Albert Laoeng

He came meek as a deer, stayed like lion and left as a cat.  Mr. Virgiliio “Ace” Boado is now a former principal of Cuenca National High School.  He was transferred to Don Elpidio Quirino National High School in Agoo, La Union since the start of SY 2012 – 2013.  He is a good soldier who follows order.

It was September 2006 when he first entered CNHS. During his first meeting with us, I noticed a modulation of shyness on his voice.  As days went on, I noticed his face sagged a little bit seemingly a picture of an overworked employee.  I could still remember he said that his one year being a leader was equivalent to his ten years of teaching.  I could not say if he had some regrets then.  But not so very long when he was able to embed to the hearts of…

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