An Insight of the Project SITE

Division of La Union, As It Moves On

(An Insight of the Project SITE)

Dr. Lorna G. Bugayong

ASDS, Deped La Union

                        Project SITE a.k.a SCHOOLS INITIATIVES TOWARD EXCELLENCE is a division-initiative project by the able leadership of Dr. Edna C. Leal, the Schools Division Superintendent of the Division of La Union.  Project SITE is a dream being made into reality by a leadership that makes educators who are expected to do their part to contribute to the desired “change for the better “in education.

                  In June 2005, Project SITE was launched in the DIVISION of La Union. One school year after, the project evaluation was done. This project helped raise the performance level of the division as evidenced by the National Achievement Test Results. It went through the years until each one and everyone got the inspiration and PROJECT SITE continues its existence.

                  After six years each group defines its own perspective, as Project SITE moves on.

             In the perspective of our DIVISION HEADS, Project SITE stands for Schools Initiatives Towards Excellence.  These are the Special Projects created and initiated by the different schools both in elementary and secondary which are intended to improve the learning outcomes and to carry out the dual role of education. First as an instrument of poverty alleviation such as the program’s Non-Academic Category like the “Earn While You Learn”. Second as an instrument in developing the human resource which is the initial objective of the program’s Academic Category and that is to produce quality learners and first class graduates.

                 In the perspective of an Administrator and School Head, Project SITE stands for Systems Intended for Transformation and End Results (Performance Goals). Since they are the ones responsible in the creation and execution of such, their creativity, leadership and management capabilities are tested year in and year out. There is no room for comfort zones.   School heads are now on challenging track of inventing and reinventing, of learning and relearning things that would ultimately bring them to finishing the race of achieving performance goals.

              In the perspective of a teacher, a mentor and a team player, Project SITE stands for Strategic Interventions for Trial and Error. Since these are experimental in nature, teachers have the opportunities of changing the face of education in aim to develop effective schools. Teachers become more of a team player, an innovator, an observer and facilitator, and an initiator of change. They might fail in some areas on the process, but in failing they will learn more, they can remedy and give more of themselves.

        In the perspective of student, Project SITE stands for Self Involvement for Thoughtful-Full Experience. Through Project SITE students are exposed to various updated and innovated strategies and pedagogies. They do not only become knowledgeable, they learn to be productive and active members of society. They are filled with sufficient knowledge and skills that will equip them for later battles of life.  They are no longer spectators, they are no longer mere recipients’ of learning, and they all become contributors in their respective roles.

          Project SITE has indeed stirred everyone in school and in community, working together to improve their school. Stakeholders extend support financially and in kind to sustain the school’s project with one aim in mind, “For the Good of Our children”.

              Project SITE is a win-win system of the Division of La Union. The battle cry which has opened for improvements: “THE SCHOOL WE HAVE IS THE SCHOOL WE MAKE” shall continue to echo in every heart and soul of every school.


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