New Year’s Perspective

Certificates of "Tagisan ng Talino in Filipino" - recepients are Mark Joseph Gulis (contestant), and Mr. Rodolfo Estoesta (Coach)


Until this time some are still saying “Doon ka sa Bayan mag-aral kasi mas maganda roon” and I definitely disagree to this notion whether they go to private or public school.  We are one of the finest in our category here in La Union.  Our principal is one of the best in La Union and the teachers are the same; as a result, our graduates finished their courses with flying colors.

Last December 2011, our students joined a contest that was participated of all the schools in La Union.  We sent 3 students and these were their achievements: Mark Joseph Gulis, fourth year, won the 2nd place in Tagisan ng Talino in Filipino; Hycinth Sylvia Buyayo, Fourth Year, one of the top ten in Pop. Ed.; Christian Patrick Remiendo, First Year student, ranked no. 11. In Science.  This may look very simple but when you analyze the number of schools involved (more than 50 schools) and their populations, this is a remarkable achievement already coming from 190 population school.

We are bridging our school to you our dear stakeholders let us patronize it by showing our support;  if we join hand-in-hand, our achievements will be better next time.  Entrust your best children to us and we will do our best as well.

On the final analysis, I am fully aware that the center of  every accomplishment and achievement is on the willingness and dedication of the child to study built by his/her parents.


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