Dear Friends

Why We Cannot Go to IRAA Nowadays?

Four years ago, Gundin Valdez went to IRAA as boxer but failed to win the gold and about five years back more, Jethroe Julanio and Wilben Cacanando tasted PALARO in Sepak Takraw event. Since then our highest achievement in sports was Provincial.

What could be the reasons?

          1. It is maybe because the students and coaches shifted their priority sports to racket events wherein skills are not only the one needed.

          2. Financial support to buy the genuine rackets in table tennis and badminton. Without these rackets, we are at disadvantage with the highly skilled opponents with their personalized rackets. We need also lots of tune-up games and exposures.

          3. Moral support coming from family and friends. When we played our championship games this last provincial meet, our opponents’ parents and classmates were their cheering boosting their confidence.

We shifted our priority sports because racket events are the interests of our new generation athletes but we ended up only at Provincial Meet.

This past Provincial meet, our three players in table tennis and badminton managed to reach their championship games but came short in winning the gold. But we are not discouraged to try again next time and for sure, we will win our chance of advancing to IRAA.

We need you to help up with this quest: to give our students their maximum development in sports and become scholars in college; to uplift the name of our school in the name of sports.

We need to buy Genuine Rackets of badminton and table tennis.

Badminton 1 pair of racket = P4, 000.00     Table Tennis 1 pair of racket = P6, 000.00

To all our linkages and friends, give these students a chance. Thank you.


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