Teachers’ Day

Mr. Virgilio C. Boado, principal IV of CuencaNHS

Say the words on teachers’ day

By Alberto B. Laoeng

              He was my classmate from grades I to VI but during high school, he transferred to Saint Mary’s Academy (SMA), Rosario, La Union while I stayed here at Cuenca National High School.  I heard a little of him except that he was doing well academically.  After secondary, he went to college (SLU Baguio) and I settled also at University of Baguio.  I was informed that he was one of the College of Education basketball players but during that time I already stopped my schooling.  Seldom, we played basketball together when he went home and I found out that he was really good.

He was already in teaching profession for quite some time when opportunity opened for me to reenter college.  I managed to graduate as a secondary teacher and luckily entered to DepEd, Cuenca National High School, my alma mater.

One day I was surprised when they said that Mr. Virgilio C. Boado would be our principal.  After a few days, he came and from then on we were not the same.  He instituted changes smoothly and precisely.  He encouraged professionalism, productivity and competence.  Little by little I regained my confidence that I once had during my college days and during my first year of teaching.  We won contests and our school was heard everywhere; moreover, we got hold better perspective.  We acquired new building and building repairs.  We received computers and participated to numerous national trainings on ICT.  We have been counting our blessings since then.

He pioneered the celebration of teachers’ day here at CNHS and that is why on this teachers’ day, I give him my highest commendation.  Mr. Virgilio Boado, my principal touched our lives in so many ways.  He will continue touching it until ignorance will no longer be seen on the eyes of a student.  We have made a difference!  Happy teachers’ day to us all!


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