LEAP Session: At Last an Angel Arrives

Madam Emilina Boac says her heart.


Eleven years ago when I was a newly hired public school teacher, during our seminar at Sobrepena Complex at Caba, La Union, I met Madam Emilina T.  Boac, as one of the resource speakers.  There was a guest speaker, a graduate from DMMMSU, who nervously delivered her task and as a result some supervisors said some sort of corrections that I guessed not in the proper time and place.  Madam Emilina Boac, I thought she was pregnant that time, stood up and rescued that poor-young lady.  There was a feeling of animosity that time.

From that time on, I heard good comments regarding Mrs. Boac and they wanted her to be their supervisor.  I wanted her too.

She came to our LEAP session at Maoasoas National High School, July 14, 2011 on casual look-wearing jeans, blouse, and heels.  This reflected her preferences and taste as well as her generation or just simply saying I am a sister, I am a friend.  She wore eye glasses that added color to her innocent, honest, and beautiful face.  It was a look that anybody would not hesitate to approach with.  The timbre of her voice caught attention. It rendered eloquence and wisdom that every word coming from it provided life and inspiration.  She proved this through a video presentation entitled The Three Letters from Teddy and followed up with a very simple but soothing statement: Teacher as role model inside and out of the school.

I then can say at last an angel arrives.


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