LEAP Session: The Envisioned Teachers

Sir Ace raises his hand to emphasize his point during the LEAP session.

ACE Says

“Ang Daang Matuwid ng ating Pangulong Ninoy, Manny Pacquiao’s victories, Teachers should not stop learning” said Mr. Virgilio Boado, principal IV of Cuenca NHS on his opening statement during the LEAP Session at Maoasoas NHS, July 14, 2011.  He connected this to envisioned teachers.

He elaborated his inspirational talk through the following points:

What Kind of Teachers Are We Heading?

  • Keep on being empowered by being abreast  with the new ones
  • Teachers today should let the students do the talking while they stay at the side facilitating
  • Recognize multiple intelligences
  • Link to the community
  • Keep on learning with new things
  • Befriend their students
  • Proper grooming
  • God fearing, makatao, makabayan, makakalikasan
  • 3H: Head, Heart and Hand
  • Acknowledge differences

He ended his talk with this appeal: “Where are these realities leading us; what shall we do?  He also added a quotation “Success can’t be measured by physical and financial achievements but by how people talk about you when you’re gone”.


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