The teachers and students of CNHS join the Fun Run at Marcos Hi-way, Pugo, La Union, June 20, 2011.

CNHS runs  for a cause                        

          Run for a cause is the right term for our activity which was joined by teachers and students of Cuenca National High School at Marcos Hi-way, Pugo, La Union last June20, 2011.  “Fun Run” as they say yet it awakens the youths’ spirits about the life and contributions of Dr. Jose Rizal therefore internalizing the theme: “Ang Kabataan Ang Pagasa Ng Bayan Kung May Pinag-aralan”.

          The run started 8 o’clock in the morning from the school gate of CNHS going to Barangay San Luis and finished 9:30 from where it was started.    Mr. Remegio Lao-eng and Rodolfo Estoesta, teachers of CNHS together with the SSG officers led the activity with proper warm up exercises and some safety and running instructions after which, they raced.  They were very excited at the beginning but at midway of their 3 kilometre run, non-athletes were left behind.  After one and half hour of fun on the road, they managed to reach their finish line.


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