The Tumble for Excellence

                             The CNHS gymnasts performing their routine during the Unit Meet. Christine, Farell, Kamela, Ricardo and Camela         

          The continuing progress of Cuenca National High School in the field of Sports is now about to reach its peak. During the culmination of the Unit Meet, CNHS was chosen to represent Pugo in Gymnastics under the supervision of Mrs. Conchita Baguyos and the rest of the faculty members.

        The gymnasts performed their tumblings, head rolls, and back rolls together with their graceful and highly sophisticated dance moves. Due to an excellent performance, they were being chosen to be the contestant for the Provincial Meet that was held in Bauang, La Union. During the competition, the gymnasts showed all that they have practiced and their efforts were being awarded for they placed 2nd on the competition. Even if they failed to bring home the Championship, this young team was still very happy for they have brought home a name and a distinction for their Alma Mater and they gave their best to show their best tumbles for excellence.


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