Open Arms to Serve

Kristine, Lizardo, and Alice clean the sidewalk during community service.

CNHS performs their community service at the sidewalk going to Baguio.

         The CAT class of CNHS shouted “One for all, all for one”. They joined and worked together to make an open arm service for their beloved Alma Mater. They gave freehand activities such as weeding, rip-rapping, sweeping etc. around the campus which helped to maintain its beauty and elegance. The seniors promoted happy bonding moments during these activities which also showed that the spirit of trustworthiness, cooperation and partnership were in them. As their tasks ended, they were very happy in a way that they served willingly and gimmicked together harmoniously.

At the end of the year, the CAT class pursued three community and Campus services as a prerequisite of their class.


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