CNHS Soars Higher Glory

                                                    The CNHS delegates  march their banner during the Unit Meet.

         CNHS is really making a difference not only in academics but also in Sports. Our school provides opportunities for the students in intensifying their gifts in playing different sports. During the Unit Meet on the 14th and 15th of October, our school was able to send 7 Table Tennis Spinners, 4 Badminton Smashers, 1 Basketball Pointer, 2 Chess Maters, 1 Volleyball Spiker and 8 Gymnastics Performer for a total of 23 students.  Some of them did not achieve glory but in the field of Table Tennis and Gymnastics, CNHS dominated. There were 3 Table Tennis Spinners who made it to the Provincial Meet but sad to say they failed to bring home the Championship yet that was already a good record.  In Gymnastics, CNHS represented the whole Unit to the Provincial Meet and they ranked second on the said tournament. With all of these achievements, CNHS showed that she was not only a mind mover but also a body builder.


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