Editorial cartoon is sketched by Phobie Vejerano during the editorial cartooning contest at CNHS on November 2010.

         A good bridge is hard to build but when it is done many will be benefited. Cuenca National High School’s newsletter is a bridge – a strong and a good one carefully fashioned with love and sacrifices.

        Bridge is useless if nobody walks through it and no two chasms are connected. You and I are the two unconnected lands separated by space or “This is me that is you attitude – uncaring and unloving spirit.” The bridge stands for our willingness to extend our arms to help, our ears to listen and our hearts and minds to encourage. The reliability and toughness of the bridge reflect our trust, respect, faith and love.

         Everybody is welcome to walk on this bridge. You can come to us and we can come to you. We can understand each other, help, learn and love.

         By the time you read this paper, we shall have bridged ourselves to you. We are very glad to say “This is us how are you?”


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