” Juniors-SeniorsPromenade Marks History”

         “Once again, CNHS proves that even if she is just a small institution, she made it to the point that she changes the flow of her own history.”

         The night of February 23, 2011 was the most awaited time for the Juniors and Seniors to strengthen the bonds that tied them together. It was a night of pure happiness and comradeship that even the smallest particle of the body could feel it. It was such a great effort for everybody to put this kind of big event, somewhat impossible but it happened. During the night, many faces evolved and became gorgeous, a lot of beauties were enhanced and above all, good relationships are built. Mr. Armand Domede, the dynamic Guest of Honor and Speaker of the night’s event shared his lifelong experience during his high school life.

        He said that an event like this would help the youth in reviving their interconnectedness towards one another and in realizing that socialization was a part of human existence. The program rolled on and the Juniors and Seniors started their showtime dances. All together, they filled the floor with their colourful attires and they jived and grooved together with the sound of the night. Oh! What a night it was for them.

         That night when the moon bloomed its brightest light and the stars glittered across the sky was the time that the book of History of CNHS was revised.


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